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Finally I'm back with a ootd article ! And to be honest, this is one of my current favorite outfit. Not only for the clothes but for the place I choose as the background for the pictures (it's a crazy art installation where the artist put thousands of origamis. It's stunning, you should see it if you are in Paris :). I think both really match each other ! As for the...

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A simple line.

Sometimes a beautifully designed blouse can do everything in an outfit. And this one is sure doing a great job ! For this OOTD I decided to wear something simple, but effective. Something like being effortlessly elegant, but casual. Giving the sensation that I thought carefully of my outfit BUT without being too much perfectionnist. And I can say this blouse will definitely be one of my favorite ones to...

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Good Vibes

You know from some of my previous outfit articles my unconditional love for clothes with a quote, or either a pun. Usually in English, because it is one of the coolest langage of the world for this. Plus I can translate these words really, really easily (unlike a t-shirt in Japanese or Chinese, ha ha, for obvious reasons). But I love this "Good Vibes" t-shirt from Shein. The message is...

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