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Minimalistic design with Ziito


Minimalistic design with Ziito

Hello guys ! This article is a bit special. I usually talk (a lot) about clothes, but what about interior design ? I have a confession : I have a soft spot for minimalistic design. I really like looking at inspiring room pictures (aah pinterest), and I envy these interiors so much. Minimalistic design interior are always a huge visual pleasure (at least for me). That’s why when I was kindly sent clothes rails from Denmark by Ziito Design, it was the occasion for me to redesign a bit my room to match with this gorgeous furniture. And it felt so good !

How to explain Ziito’s concept ? They create industrial furniture from galvanised steel pipes and untreated natural wood. The material is really high quality and is aimed to create timeless designs. When I received the clothes rail, the assembly instruction was incredibly easy. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble the parts. For someone who had the pain to assemble a furniture or a wardrobe (and fail at it), it’s truly amazing.

The clothes rail is minimalistic but gorgeous at the same time, as I chose black color, but with an interesting texture. I trust Nordic design brands a lot for their high quality product, and Ziito design is doing an amazing job at it ! The design added a huge plus in my interior room. You can see more pictures inspiration on their instagram page. 

Of course I took several pictures of my newly organized room. Enjoy !


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