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Among my numerous collection of clothes, I own some sweats and tees with random words or sentences. I already wrote an outfit article with "Coco made me do it" or "limited edition" I bought a "Sold out" sweater. Huge irony, isn't it ?
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I’m sold out


I’m sold out

Among my numerous collection of clothes, I own some sweats and tees with random words or sentences. I already wrote an outfit article with “Coco made me do it” or “limited edition”… now I bought a “Sold out” sweater. Huge irony, isn’t it ? I should say I’ve got a free pass because I’m French and that English isn’t my 1st langage ? Maybe, ha ha ! I always enjoy buying t-shirts and sweaters with random english sentences that make me laugh or think “what the…?”. I have several reasons for that :  -Because I tend to buy my clothes from Korean or Japanese brands, so these kind of English sentences are not even surprising. – And it can give a cool “effect”, especially when the outfit looks too minimalist for my taste.

As for the bag, it was a brand new one from my collection. I never had a Calvin Klein bag but when I saw this one, I knew it was a matter of time before I buy it. It’s a simple design, but with a gorgeous color and texture. And it’s typically the kind of bag I appreciate : it matches every kind of style. I can wear it when I’m going to work, when I’m hanging out at night, or when I want to have a more casual style, and it’s all that matter ! And last but not least : one of the most original pair of sneakers I ever owned. A gorgeous blue color with satin ribbons instead of simple shoelaces. Amazing design from “Le Coq Sportif” ! But you shouldn’t wear them when it’s raining…believe my experience.


Jacket : Real Coco

Sweatshirt : Les Envahisseurs (closed shop)

Jeans : H&M

Bag : Calvin Klein

Shoes : Le coq sportif










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