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Kadi LV | Berlin Fashion Week – Introducing Rebekka Ruétz
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Berlin Fashion Week – Introducing Rebekka Ruétz


Berlin Fashion Week – Introducing Rebekka Ruétz

Next week, I will be back in one of my favorite city : Berlin. For a really special occasion, or should I say, a big event : the Fashion Week ! I’m really excited to participate in this Fashion Week while being out of France. I mean, I love Paris, it’s my city. I follow like crazy the Paris Fashion Week event each year. But isn’t it amazing to discover the fashion side of another place and another culture ? Actually, before September (where I stayed for 10 days in Germany), if you asked me “What do you know about Berlin Fashion ?” I would answer “I don’t really know”. For me, Berlin has always been that huge cosmopolite city, whose fashion is a polar opposite compared to Paris. I noticed that difference only recently. Should I say that Berlin have more of an alternative and rough style ? And I’m falling in love with this style.  I had a preview of some German designers collection for AW17 and my conclusion is : Berlin Fashion Week could be as epic as the London (and I will dare to say) Paris in the next years. And I can’t wait to verify it.

As a French blogger who want to explore the Berlin’s fashion scene, I hope you will enjoy my next posts and the introduction of talented young European designers. I had the luck to discover a glimpse of Austrian designer Rebekka Ruétz new collection, and it makes me even more excited to go back to Berlin ! Her new collection is entitled “Whatever” and is inspired by the 80s and the Antimoderne. A bold mix, but really experimental and innovative. I can imagine colorful outfits meeting metallic textures from the preview collection pictures. And I’m truly curious (and impatient) to see it in real !



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