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The art of layering clothes (kind of)


The art of layering clothes (kind of)

Hello ! Sorry (once again) for the lack of updates. I’ve been quite lazy with blogging, that I choose to be more active in Instagram instead :D (yeah I know, shame on me not being able to write an article since like…september ?) Yet I took a lot of pics actually. It’s just that sometimes I’m not convinced with the outfit in question : it can look great in real life, but when you watch the pictures…

So, right now let’s talk about layered and (kind of) oversized clothes. So practical, especially for cold weather…As for me I rarely wear oversized clothes especially in the top part of my body. Because I have a V like body shape :(  Buuut for once I gave it a try (I tried to find a balance by wearing jeans instead of leggings or thights) and finally, I loved the comfy side of this outfit, so I guess it was a good choice. And as a Korean fashion lover, oversized clothes and combining a denim shirt with a sweater are a thing !

White sweater : Les envahisseurs

Denim shirt : Gmarket

Skinny jeans : H&M

Bag : Michael Kors

Sneakers : Adidas







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