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Port de la Gare – OOTD


Port de la Gare – OOTD

Hello guys ! Sorry for the long wait of my new article, but now I’m back ! During summer, a lot of Parisians love to hang out, or picnicing at the edge of the Seine. There are a lot of restaurants, barges or bars to drink for the night too. A few days ago I went with my co-workers at an amazing bar called “P-7”. I liked so much the place I went back with another friend the night after. It was a great occasion to take pics of my outfit for my blog post as the place around had a really beautiful view of Paris. Now about my outfit in question, I fell in love with a black romper I bought back in Montreal. Actually it’s one of the two clothes I brought from there…I had a reallyyy hard time finding clothes there ._. I visited a lot of shops, but only two brands grabbed my attention : Kooka and L’Editorial. The romper comes from the latter one. It has a perfect shape, is comfy, transparent yet hide the parts of the body which need to be hidden :) It’s definitely a good choice if you want to wear something classy yet feeling comfortable !

Romper : Lush (from l’Editorial) 

Cardigan : Uniqlo

Bag : Cecil Mcbee

Shoes : H&M



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