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Pastel colors


Pastel colors

When I think of pastel, I imagine a soft, soothing, and even a milky color…Something which calm you down when you’re stressed out. I can even go as far as imagining a bubbly and light universe like “The Grand Budapest hotel”. The first thing my coworkers told me when I came with this outfit was “Oh my God, you look like one of these stewardess from the 60s !”. Yes, pastel gives a lot of ideas, I guess. Actually, when I matched my jacket, my top and my shorts, the pastel uniform (or “stewardess”) theme wasn’t intentional. I just happened to fell in love with the jacket, and then wear it with either a casual dress, or in this outfit article a cute white top with a black ribbon. As I’m writing, I’m actually quite surprised I choose this kind of bag that day, ha ha ! But…now that I’m thinking about it, I was going out at night, plus this bag gives a great contrast with the baby pink color. Choosing a pastel bag would’ve been too easy, in my opinion. I don’t like polished or “perfect” outfits, I usually need something who gives contrast. I usually like matching 75% of my outfit, then using something different for the other 25% part. And I can say, I love using bags for this of exercices. Let me ask you now : Do you like using pastel colors in your outfit ?

Jacket : Zara (similar here)

Top : Cecil Mcbee (Japanese brand)

Shorts : H&M

Shoes : Meduse

Bag : Mango








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