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Graphic Blue


Graphic Blue

For once I decided to give it a try with French brands. Why ? Because I always went for either English, Korean or Japanese clothes brands as  it’s easier for me to find what I exactly want, or which kind of look I want to try. English and Korean styles have always been my “secure” style when it comes to inspiration, I can say. But hey, I’m French, and a Parisian born one. And recently I noticed something (quite) important : I rarely buy made in France clothes. Currently, nothing in my closet is made in France. My own country (I feel like a traitor…a fashion traitor, ha ha). So, last week I went to a little commercial street near my place, which is quite popular for its independants boutiques. And I will not lie, I had hard times to find something as the prices are quite expensive, and the majority of the clothes were…quite minimalistic for my taste ? I like finding unique pieces that you can’t find on the majority of clothes shop.

But I finally found a stunning blue dress from a French brand named Opullence. When I saw the dress, I was like “Finally found it, my French dress !”. Why do I love this dress ? I love the blue color and the golden piping.Both matches incredibly well and gives the dress a unique effect, but still elegant. And to complete the outfit, I choose my Furla bag as the rectangular shape is complementary !


Dress  : Opullence

Bag : Furla (similar here

Shoes : H&M






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