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Dark Style OOTD


Dark Style OOTD

Halloween is in the corner, in 2 weeks exactly !  It wasn’t really popular in Paris, but nowadays you can see more and more people dressing up for Halloween themed parties. I still remember how last year, I was invited by my friend for one of those parties. I was really glad – my very 1st Halloween themed party – so I was very excited ! It took me a while to choose the theme of my outfit. I was considering wearing a real costume, but without looking too weird on the street. So I choose Wednesday Adams :)  Not too complicated, isn’ it ? The problem is I didn’t have too much time. I still went to a costume shop. No, actually several costume shops. Because a lot of people had the same idea as me, and all the shops were so much crowded, you needed to queue at least for 1 hour to manage to enter. And yet when you succeed, there is almost nothing left.

To end my story, I managed to wear a black dress from my closet, bought fake vampires teeth (which was falling apart every 10 seconds) and fake blood. I went to the party and saw another girl with a Wednesday Adams costume and she pulled it off way better than me :)  So for this year, I decided to go for a Halloween outfit withount thinking of a costume in particular. I love fashion, I love having dark clothes, and I wanted to have an occasion to have a dark makeup too.

I could say this article is for a last minute outfit for Halloween for people who procrastinate a lot like me. An outfit you can wear on the street if you are a bit too shy for an extravagant one. I received a lot of compliment for this t-shirt, too ! I actually fell in love with the skeleton design, it matches well with Halloween yet I can wear it everyday.


T-shirt : Shein 

Skirt : Mango

Shoes : Park Lane

Bag : Mango

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