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Classical Black


Classical Black

I’m always excited when I’m writing an article about an outfit I really enjoyed to wear. Sometimes I have a hard time (like, really) trying to match a certain outfit, and when I finally manage to do it, I’m so proud… Kind of like when I’m doing my Art director job, I struggle to create a graphic charter for a brand which will allow me to develop their whole digital image, and then…I finally found the inspiration, and this is it, it makes everything easier.

This time I tried to go for a darker, almost all black look. Should I add I was a bit inspired by an edgy look ? Black is a color I don’t wear daily, more when I go out at a classy and mysterious club (like Silencio in Paris. An amazing place !) at night. Ironically I only wore this top 2 or 3 times during the day, and once for the night (ha ha). I love so much the design and the details of the top…It’s one of these clothes that I know will last a long time in my closet because they are unique, and you won’t find them easily in a shop at the corner of your street (or let’s say, a small chance).

And to match with this awesome top, I choose one of my new favorite jacket. For the same reason I bought the top, I’m in love with the fringes detail. I guess the top and the fringe jacket were a match made in heaven. I can barely use another top with the jacket, actually !


Jacket : Only

Top : Hazel

Jeans : Trafaluc 

Bag : Zara







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