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Caseapp review


Caseapp review

A few weeks ago I’ve been contacted by Caseapp to test their online service where you can design your own phone case ! I answered : “Yes, of course !”. I mean, customizing or creating my own phone case is a dream for the graphic designer I am :) Plus a gorgeous phone case can bring a lot according to the outfit you are wearing. And last but not least…you will be probably the only one having the phone case, so you can show off among your friends.

While using the designing tool, I went for 2 styles of phone cases : One dark for my more “edgy” outfits, and the other white. You can see below are how my phone cases turned out – I was so excited when I received them ! I was worried the background textures I choose wouldn’t look good. But the cases turned to be of great quality. I’m using the black one right now and it didn’t have any scratches despite the fact I dropped my phone on the floor several times (Yes, I’m the clumsy type…)





Using the tool is really easy ! First you select your phone model. For now you can only select Apple and Samsung products (as for me I have a Samsung Galaxy s5). I hope people with other phone brands like Asus, LG…will be able to use the designing tool in the future, too ! That would be one of my only negative point. But I’m already happy they have the option for Samsung as I’m always seeing gorgeous phone cases for Iphone (usually at shops) and feel quite envious of their huge choice of designs, ha ha.


Then you have several options : you can select a matte or glossy finish, then the picture you want to use as a background pattern. Of course caseapp have an option where you can already select a pre-made design if you are too scared to create it from scratch ! You can add a text, or a pre-made clipart too :)

Once you are happy with the design, you proceed with the checkout and voila ! They make the phone case and it takes only a few days for you to receive it ! As you can see, my phone case turned out exactly the same as the design I created online !


If you are looking for a customized phone case, go for it. Also Caseapp is offering a 20% discount code ! If you order your case before September 15th, use the code “KADILV20” for 20% off your order ;) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post !


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