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outfit, fashion blogger, London, blog, fashion, mango, h&m
outfit, fashion blogger, London, blog, fashion, mango, h&m
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Camden Market & Harrods


Camden Market & Harrods

Hello ! Sorry for the lack of updates, I was quite busy with my work ! I can’t wait for the New Year to come :) It’s one of my favorite time of the year especially when I’m hanging out with my friends wearing pretty dresses, being all fancy and partying all night !

This year I will celebrate the New Year in an Australian bar in Paris, and the dress code is “chic & red” so I need to find a red dress as soon as possible ! I cross my fingers to find a good one before wednesday.

I have 2 other articles from my London trip to come :) Here is what I wore before going to Camden Market for the 2nd time. Camden Market is so huge ! It took us more than one day to visit it and seemed like a giant labyrinth. It was really amazing to go trough the shops who were selling clothes, perfumes, traditional & handmade objects…actually you can find everything in a really really big area. Isn’t it awesome ?

I even bought a natural soap that smell like divine ! Plus a handmade tea especially made for Christmas with cinammon and pear.

During that day I went to Harrods too. I fell in love with some beautiful handbags, especially the Jimmy Choo and Sophie Hulme ones ! Harrods is quite interesting to visit, but I guess I loved Camden better because it has a certain charm and is less expensive :)

PS : Do you like my wood phone case ? I had a bargain with the seller, it was hilarious ! He kept saying “it’s handmade and made of bamboo!”

Shirt : Gmarket Korea

Sweater : Mango

Jeans : H&M

Coat : Choies

















































































































































  • ZoeJ

    02.01.2015 at 14:47 Reply

    Trop bien le truc Alice au pays des merveilles *O*
    Bonne année !!

    • Kadi LV

      04.01.2015 at 22:16 Reply

      Merci bonne année à toi aussi !! ^^

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