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Hello, hello ! It's been quite a long time since I wrote an OOTD outfit :) This one is really special because I tried to do some effort with the pics and choose a place who actually fit with the clothes (of course I wore them the day before). The top and the skirt were sold separately. Actually I had some doubt it might get well or combined together but...

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Boheme chic ootd

Sorry for the looong wait before another article :) As I was recently in Montreal it was harder for me to post an article. But hey, now I'm back with a new OOTD article ! How can I describe this outfit ? A comfy & kind of boho chic look. Not something you would wear during the day. You could of course, but in my opinion this kind of look is...

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Jean-Paul Gaultier collection in Paris (part 1)

Hello guys ! A few days ago I went to an incredible Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition. After a stop in Montreal, Dallas, San Francisco, London, Stockholm and a lot of other cities, this is Paris time ! It was seen by a whopping one million of visitors, do you believe it ? For those who are curious, the exhibition isn't only introducing outfits or collection. They are accompanied with sketches, videos of runways, concerts,...

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Fashion Mix event (ootd)

Last week I went to an exhibition named "Fashion Mix : Mode from here, designers from elsewhere". It tells the story of all the foreigners designers, craftsmen, and tailors who came to France and contributed to the fame of Paris as the capital of High Fashion. The exhibition is a tribute to all the Russian, English, Italian, Japanese fashion designers and how they had (and still have) a huge influence in the high fashion industry. Paco...

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