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Being cute. Being unique.

I really have a soft spot for cute dresses. Especially for the soft aura they give, and that's why I enjoy wearing them when I'm usually hanging out during the day, either at a coffee shop, or for a brunch at the restaurant in a Parisian street. I might sound cliché but I think this kind of style really match for a particular Parisian look, à la Amelie Poulain should I say. Full...

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A beautiful history of jewelry

I think it's been a long time since I'm really, really excited to write an article ! This one inspired a lot, from the written content to the pictures and it's one of the reasons why I love blogging so much. To discover amazing brands :) A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Instagram Maei's jewelries account. Maei is a jewelry brand created by the Dutch designer Marieke Slangen. Her jewelries...

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A simple style in plaid and jeans.

I already talked in one of my previous article about my "signature" look (or let's say : the accessories or style of clothes I constantly wear). Which are a bow (with a white blouse) and a beret. But it's usually where I want to look classy or fancy for something special (hanging out at night or going to the restaurant). I have another favorite look which is more casual. The plaid...

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